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Our Services

we help you navigate  retirement planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

With a holistic financial plan, clients can turn their investments into income and protect their principal for future generations.

Retirement & Tax Planning

Our focus is on simplifying these important retirement decisions and guiding you toward the plan that fits you best.

Investment Management

Our investment management recommendations are not motivated by commissions, nor are there any proprietary investments.

Pension Planning (PSRS & PEERS)

We have over 20 years of experience helping PSRS and PEERs educator members make wise decisions regarding their pensions.

Risk Management

Our experience with PSRS and PEERS pensions taught us the value of life insurance as a tool for protecting a pension benefit and creating an asset that can carry on to the next generation.

Estate Planning and Philanthropy

Our responsibility is to help you organize your financial life, and the estate planning piece gives our clients confidence knowing their assets will pass to future generations.